Unlocking independence one push at a time.

Push™ lets you remotely open accessible doors. Perfect for people on the go, germ-conscious minds, and anyone embracing the extraordinary.

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Explore Push™

Push™ aims to address a problem many individuals face when moving through the world with mobility exceptionalities or germ-cognizant individuals.

The App

Now the power of Push™ can be leveraged on any mobile device.

Coming in 2024, Push™ will be releasing its Push™ App, which will leverage Bluetooth technology to give even more autonomy and provide the power to open doors with voice activation for more ease of mobility.

The Wearable

Can be worn on the wrist or attached to a mobility device.

The Push™ device enables the wearer to open any Push-accessible door with the push of a button. Its designed to be sleek but inconspicuous. The device is compatible with most smart watch bands.

The Community

Push™ users are a part of a growing community that's here to stay.

With inclusion and accessibility as its foundation, Push™ encourages individuals to support eachother. Support your community by requesting a Push™ Accessible Door for a building you wish was more accessible.

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